The Garment Capsule Essentials

We've picked our favourite garments from our favourite responsible brands, and put them on some awesome real life models. Now, you can see their measurements and decide which size will work for you.

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Responsible Maker: MINNOW BATHERS

Capsule Essential: The High Waist Bikini

From left to right: Marielle XL (47.5-40-51), Kyla M (35-30.5-39.5), Emma S (34-27-36.5), Melissa L, (40.5-35-43.5), Kadie XS (32.5-26.5-37).

Morgan S (35-27.5-36.5)

Minnow Bathers Rosalie Top

Minnow Bathers Delphi Bottoms

Capsule Essential - The One Piece

From left to right: Kyla M (35-30.5-39.5), Marielle XL (47.5-40-51), Melissa L (40.5-35-43.5), Kadie XS (32.5-26.5-37), Emma S (34-27-36.5).

Morgan M (35-27.5-36.5)

Minnow Bathers Guinevere Maillot in Lilies at Twilight



Capsule Essential - The Black Dress

From left to right: Melissa L (40.5-35-43.5), Marielle XL (47.5-40-51), Emma S (34-27-36.5), Kyla M (35-30.5-39.5), Kadie XS (32.5-26.5-37).

Styled for mom life...

Styled for work life...

Styled for going out...

Morgan S 35-27.5-36.5)

Buttercream Clothing Slouchy Long Dress

Responsible Maker: RAIN PEOPLE

Kids Capsule Essential - The Bonnet + The Bloomers

O is wearing size 18-24 mos in both - fit true to size.

Rain People Poppy Mum Floral Bonnet

Rain People Linen Ruffle Top Baby Bloomer

Kids Capsule Essential - The Twirly Skirt

L is wearing size 5-6 years. Fits small - recommend sizing up.

Rain People Leah Duncan Play Skirt

Responsible Maker: SOTELA

Capsule Essential - The Linen Crop

From left to right: Melissa size 2 (40.5-35-43.5), Marielle size 3 (47.5-40-51), Kyla size 1 (35-30.5-39.5).

Styled for work life...

Styled for mom life...

Styled for going out...

Sotela Lyla Crop

Morgan is wearing a size 1 (small) and is (35-27.5-36.5).

Responsible Maker: JOSHU + VELA

Capsule Essential - The Canvas Backpack

Joshu + Vela Zip Canvas Backpack

Capsule Essential - The Tote

Joshu + Vela Utility Tote

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Phtography by Emily Oud, Kara Rohl and The Garment