Preferred Membership Program


The Garment woman loves the classics. She chooses quality over quantity, and buys what she wants, when she needs it. 


We built The Garment Preferred Membership for her.


Shop Past Pop-Ups

Loved a piece from a past pop-up, but didn't buy it? Now you can browse select past pop-up garments, complete with Real Model Measurements, and make a purchase when the time feels right. 


Get Secret Discounts

Preferred Members will have access to discounts, secret sales, re-stock announcements, and sourcing information (like the Maker of this infamous wrap top;) not available to other members.


See Pop-Ups Early 

While we do our best to anticipate demand, the reality is that because of the 'slow' way our Makers work, items often sell out. Preferred Members receive exclusive early access to pop-ups, so you don't miss out. 


 Note: You can cancel anytime by clicking 'cancel'.