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When I was little, my dad quit his sales job at the bank to build his own wealth management firm - a company with strong values, where transparency and disclosure were key.

Watching him do that - leave something safe to build a business model he thought was right - sparked an interest in both ethics and business that never went out.

I studied ethics in school (my undergraduate is in English Lit and Ethics, and I have a Master's in Applied Ethics from Utrect University in the Netherlands) and spent 11 years working in the ethics office of a large corporation. 

But it was only after the birth of my first daughter that I started applying what I knew about ethics to the business of clothes. I took a sewing class, and in doing so, learnt the difference between the clothes that we buy at the mall and quality garments with a good story.

And, having experienced that difference, I knew I could never go back. 

I started The Garment to connect women interested in fewer, better things to the companies who make them. 

And I am so very grateful that you are here.

Xx Morgan